Justin Doan

"Justin is an extremely hard worker! He has always been very dedicated to what he sets his mind too. He will always go above and beyond for his clients!" - Mike

My name is Justin Doan and I am proud to have grown up in Colorado, born and raised next to these beautiful purple mountains majesties. I have been blessed to see the amazing growth and evolution this amazing state has been through over the last three plus decades. I love exploring everything that Colorado has to offer and I know that even years and years later I’ve barely scratched the surface. I have lived and worked all over at this point from Evergreen to Strasburg, from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins. 

I am a Realtor who is eager to help both buyers and sellers find the best solution for their needs. Real estate has always been a strong passion of mine. Growing up with my dad who is in a similar industry, has helped me develop a unique perspective on the entire buying and selling process. I am up for any challenge that is thrown my way. I have a very  competitive nature and it shows when it comes to negotiating the best deals for my clients. My ultimate goal at the end of the day will always be to help my clients find the perfect solution for their needs.

In my free time I enjoy all the sports, going to Rockies, Broncos and Nuggets games are some of my favorites. Some of my other hobbies include golf, four-wheeling and hiking in the mountains and running for medals(Haha). 

My driving force behind everything I do though comes from my desire to provide for my family. I have been with my wife, Giana for seven years and married for two of those wonderful years. We have two dogs and we are thrilled that our little family will be growing by one more soon as we have our first baby boy on the way, who is due in October.

Chelsea R.

Justin is such an amazing guy and I love how positive he is on a daily basis! He is always so determined in whatever it is he is doing at the moment. I know with an absolute fact that he will take care of any client who comes his way with just as much attentiveness and gumption as he does when taking care of his friends and family.

Teri E..

Justin is such a wonderful soul. You can feel his energy the second he walks in the room! He is dedicated and passionate in everything he does. When you work with him, he is a great coworker and fun and inspiring to be around.